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Primers And Thin Coats

Priming is one of the most important parts of a systems success by penetrating deeply into the substrate to form a tenacious bond, ensuring that every layer placed after stays well adhered and in place. Sure-Tough Coatings are so versatile their properties allow them to be used as primers, crack bridging membranes, mid or intermediate coats and even topcoats.

Primer Only

Deep pentrating epoxy primers to create the cohesive bond between the substrate and your flooring system. Ideal for coating systems, epoxy overlays and contaminated concrete surfaces.

Multi-Use Coatings

The workhorse of the Sure-Tough Coatings line, the multi-use coatings have some of the highest solids level of any carrier-based epoxy coating in the industry to meet the most challenging requirements of manufacturing plants, bio and tech labs, food and dairy facilities, institutions, commercial retail outlets, and just about every kind of application you may have.

Membranes & Receiver Coats

Thick Flexible Membranes to use on substrates that are cracked or experiencing persitant environment movement. Sure-Tough Coatings Membranes can be used for crack bridging, waterproofing or as a reciever coat for broadcast media over concrete, wood or clean steel. Also used as a priming coat to allow high build coatings systems to be applied to embedded and diamond plate steel.

Vertical Primer Coatings

Continue the beauty and performance of your new flooring system up your walls to provide the maximum protection to your entire facility.

Chemical Resistant Novolac Primers & Membranes

Specially formulated from exceptional blends of polymers and Novolac resins to provide the maximum level of acid and chemical resistance available. Formulated to withstand harsh chemicals used in fruit and vegatable production, anodizing lines, pickling lines, plating lines, secondary containment areas and other aggressive chemical environments.






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