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Sealers and densifiers

Concrete Sealers

High quality sealers that meet ALL state VOC requirements without sacrificing performance. Capable of withstanding the harshest environments, these sealers protect concrete and decorative patterns while intensifying colors and providing that constant “wet” look.

Concrete Color System

A one component UV stable water based colorant for interior or exterior concrete that hardens, dustproofs, and adds color to concrete. Ideal for residential or commercial broom finish concrete including porches, driveways, patios, sidewalks, pool decks, and retail store fronts. The product is also suitable for interior concrete floors in basement or garages. Easy to apply because it mixes with water, then use a pump sprayer to apply to concrete. Comes with sealer formulated specifically to work with and protect the concrete colorant to help keep the color vibrant.

Sure-Tough ST 7141 Concrete Color and Sealer System

Densifiers and saturants

Solutions that permanently improve and harden concrete surfaces by penetrating deeply into the surface to chemically react with the concrete and fill capillary networks, left over from hydration, to harden, eliminate dusting and waterproof by greatly reducing permeability. Ideal Densifiers and Conditioners for Grind and Polish Concrete professionals. Vertical solutions reduce the effects of salt effervecing, white chalky powder, with out changing the gloss, color or texture of the finished surface.

Sure-Tough ST 7071 Sodium Based Saturant Densifier

Sure-Tough ST 7075 Vertical Water Repellant Saturant Densifier

Sure-Tough ST 7036 Lithium Based Saturant Densifier

Sure-Tough ST 7039 Siliconate/Lithium Based Saturant Densifier

Sure-Tough ST 7040 Self-Crosslinking Concrete Conditioner with Stain Guard

Sure-Tough ST 7099 Crosslinked Stone Finish Protectant







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