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Heavy Duty Epoxy Resurfacing Systems

Broadcast and Decorative Textured Systems

The effective way to restore your damaged, chipped and pitted floor over large areas. Restore damaged floors in less time than replacing the concrete to reduce downtime and impact to production. Available in a wide range of formulas to provide a durable, seamless surface that withstands, the heaviest of traffic loads, repeated cleaning and resists chemicals and thermal shock.

Sure-Tough decorative systems achieve the balance between beauty and performance. These artfully attractive, seamless composite systems provide durable slip resistance with ease of maintenance. Formulated with excellent resistance to many harsh chemicals, these systems are ideal for applications found in automotive, commercial kitchens, locker rooms, pharmaceuticals, hospitals, health care, research or educational facilities and frequently wet environment areas.

Epoxy Mortars and Patch

Crack And Joint Fillers

Rigid-Rock Mortar can be trowelled up to virtually limitless thicknesses to fill holes or to repair cracks and broken expansion joints. Easily smooth out rough areas or add a slope improving drainage. No odor, 100% solids formulation also cleans up with soap and water. Most Rigid-Rock Mortar formulas cure faster than cement based patches, making them ideal for overnight patching. Quick cure formulations are available for critical time sensitive areas.

Durable yet flexible, Rigid-Rock crack fillers and joint materials are two component polymers capable of withstanding high point-load traffic while remaining resilient to handle the dynamic movements of seasonal thermal cycling. Rigid-Rock Crack and Joint Fillers that are formulated as gels allow filling of uneven cracks and reduces waste by not running out on the floor or straight through the crack, which is common with pourable fillers.  Rigid-Rock fillers protect cracks and joint gaps from widening further or "bullnosing". With compressive strengths greater than concrete, steel wheeled or abrasive conditions will not cause Rigid-Rock fillers to be torn or ripped out of the crack or joint.

Primers and Thin Coats

Mid-Coats And Topcoats

Deep pentrating epoxy primers to create the cohesive bond between the substrate and your flooring system. Ideal for coating systems, epoxy overlays and contaminated concrete surfaces. Sure-Tough Coatings are so versatile their properties allow them to be used as primers, crack bridging membranes, mid or intermediate coats and even topcoats. (Typical Thickness: 3-5 mils.)

Designed for industrial floor applications, moderate traffic and chemical exposure areas Sure-Tough Coatings offer industrial performance with an aesthetic appeal. These systems are used in coating smooth floor surfaces to increase light reflectivity and decrease housekeeping challenges. (Typical Thickness: 8-30 mils.)

Sealers And Densifiers

Cleaners and Polish

High quality sealers that meet ALL state VOC requirements without sacrificing performance. Capable of withstanding the harshest environments, these sealers protect concrete and decorative patterns while intensifying colors and providing that constant “wet” look.

Heavy duty, concentrated cleaners that are 100% Biodegradable and Evironmentally Safe that disolve the toughest greases and grimes and Products that can produce a high performance floor finish that performs well in low maintenance floor finish programs as well as in ultra high speed maintenance programs.







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