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High Solids Shop/Garage Complete Kit

Our High Solids Shop Floor Kit gives you a stunning look with unmatched durability complete in one kit with everything needed. It is unlike the other concrete surface coating systems that can wear through or peel. Our coatings are a hybrid polymer composition that permanently bonds to the concrete for ultimate durability. It offers a contemporary, attractive finish that is no match for spills, stains or the extreme temperatures associated with the garage environment. Best of all our garage coating systems are UV stable and will remain looking like new for many years. Available with a varity of various color and flake combinations, you can now customize your work shop or garage to match your personal style.

Rigid-Rock RR 1230 Rapid Set Quick Fix

APS - RR 1230 Repair Area

A two component hybrid urethane packaged in 300ml x 300ml dual cartridge system. This product can be used for the repairing of spalled concrete, holes, cracks, threshold, or uneven concrete slabs where an area needs to be placed back in service within 30 minutes.

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Rigid-Rock RR 1208 Sub-Zero Arctic Formulation Mortar

APS - Mortar Kit

RR 1208 utilizes technically advanced polymer chemistry to allow curing in freezing applications where the temperatures are as low as -30F. RR 1208 is recommended for Arctic freezers and cold storage areas where increases in temperature are impossible.

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Urethane Mortar Patch Kits

Urethane Mortar Kit

This is a three component urethane mortar that has outstanding wear performance. Product is available in smaller kits for patching over existing urethane mortar systems or other concrete exposed to harsh conditions. Urethane mortars have good thermal shock capabilities and are a good choice for hot wash down areas. Product Benefits: Thermal shock resistant, Great for patching over existing urethane mortar systems, and good freeze/thaw stability. Available in two consistancies, as a mortar for trowel placement and coving, or as a slurry for easier spread or as a receiver for broadcasting.

Rigid-Rock RR 1591 Waterbased Cement Urethane Mortar Patch Kit/Resurfacer

Rigid-Rock RR 1592 SL Waterbased Cement Urethane Slurry Patch Kit/Resurfacer







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