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Mid-Coats And Topcoats

Designed for industrial floor applications, moderate traffic and chemical exposure areas Sure-Tough Coatings offer industrial performance with an aesthetic appeal. These systems are used in coating smooth floor surfaces to increase light reflectivity and decrease housekeeping challenges. All Sure-Tough Coatings are packaged in pre-measured, ready to blend containers for a simple, error-free application by even the most inexperienced users.

High Solids Mid-Coatings

Meeting VOC regulations of all 50 states these high performance coatings provide an attractive color coat that exhibits excellent characteristics for abrasion resistance, chemical resistance, and substrate penetration. These products are suitable as stand alone coatings or as primer for high build coatings and urethane.

Multi-Use Coatings

The workhorse of the Sure-Tough Coatings line, the multi-use coatings have some of the highest solids level of any carrier-based epoxy coating in the industry to meet the most challenging requirements of manufacturing plants, bio and tech labs, food and dairy facilities, institutions, commercial retail outlets, and just about every kind of application you may have.

Polyaspartic Rapid-Set Coatings

Rapid setting clear and pigmented coatings combine the performance of urethanes with the thickness of high builds. Their water-clear property and UV Stability make them ideal for decorative flake or quartz systems, while the rapid-set that allows recoat in 1-2 hours to shorten the installation time of the system.


Without carrying agents, such as solvent or water, these 100% solids products allow varying coating thickness to be applied in a single application, saving labor and down-time to production. These superior coatings, able to withstand the rigorous needs of forklift traffic and production areas, are ideal for eliminating minor surface imperfections and restoring rough floors, while providing the attractive luster and finish desired.

Urethane Coatings

These  finish  coats  provide  unprecedented  performance  for  shine, cleanability, wear resistance, chemical resistance and UV fade resistance.

Vertical Coatings

Continue the beauty and performance of your new flooring system up your walls to provide the maximum protection to your entire facility.

Chemical Resistant Novolac Coatings

Specially formulated from exceptional blends of polymers and Novolac resins to provide the maximum level for chemical resistance available of acids up to chlorinated solvents. Formulated to withstand harsh chemicals used in fruit and vegatable production, anodizing lines, pickling lines, plating lines and other aggressive chemical environments. Our systems are designed to assist your containment systems to meet local, state and federal requirements.

Safety and Non-Skid Coatings

From traffic lines to media entrained coatings these products provide a wide selection to safe-guard your location.






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