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Producing products and systems to ensure a quality, attractive high performing result that you can do inhouse. Our products are pre-measured, packaged ready to blend and apply to simplify the installation so anyone can apply a system with confidence. Your projects can now be sheduled more convienently and be more economical by not having the need for outside labor.


System & Installation Data

Applied Polymer Solutions - Shop Floor System

Applied Polymer Solutions - Thin Film Industrial System

Applied Polymer Solutions - High Build Epoxy System

Applied Polymer Solutions - Paint Chip System

Applied Polymer Solutions - Quartz Broadcast System

Applied Polymer Solutions - Troweled Epoxy Mortar System

Product Data

Applied Polymer Solutions established the industry standard for highest quality products in building and concrete restoration with the widest variety of epoxy and urethane patching resurfacer mortars, coatings and sealers, such as epoxy and urethane coatings, slip-resistant or acid/chemical resistant coatings, crack-fillers and decorative systems.

Systems Colors

Providing a highly attractive, uniquely aestetic look to an extremely durable system, Sure-Tough Systems provide UV stability, chemical resistance and light non-skid with virtually limitless color options. Ideal for Industial, Commercial, Pharmaceutical, Hospital and Medical Rooms, Clean Rooms, Showrooms and Retail Areas, Schools, Cafeterias and Lunch Rooms, Hallways and Bathrooms and more.

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Conductive and Static Dissipative Systems

Used in industries where static control is required. Whether your needs are a thin mil decorative system or a quarter inch overlay, we can provide color and quality.

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