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Resurface Systems

The work-horses of our product line, Rigid-Rock Heavy Duty systems are resin-rich mortars for the repair and restoration of heavily worn and damaged concrete that can would allow an area to be repaired and placed back into service in a fraction of the time it would take to replace the floor. Ideal for high load traffic areas exposed to damage from impacts, weight loads and chemical attacks. All Rigid-Rock and Sure-Tough Coatings are packaged in pre-measured, ready to blend containers for a simple, error-free application by even the most inexperienced users.

Self-Leveling Epoxy Resurface Systems

Rigid-Rock Self-Leveler System is a seamless resurfacer that restores and protects chipped and new floors that require a smooth attractive, durable surface with superb chemical resistance. A system that can include integrated mortar and coving and vertical coatings to provide a highly cleanable complete system.

Industrial and Heavy Duty Resurface Systems

Rigid-Rock Industial and Heavy Duty Systems provide the greatest strength to flexibilty ratio available allowing them to withstand weight load traffic 100's of thousands pounds that crush other companies epoxy mortars. Equivalent to adding a 4" concrete cap at only a 1/4" thickness Rigid-Rock Systems can restore and stabilize cracked and damaged floors without problematic edge transitions and height differences.

Food Process Resurface Systems

RIGID-ROCK Food Process Systems are used on concrete floors that are subjected to moderate to heavy traffic and chemical spillages. RIGID-ROCK Decorative System meets all of the USDA guidelines for use in pharmaceutical and biotech facilities, laboratory and medical locations, beverage/wine/spirit plants, grocery and market kiosks, automotive dealerships/service areas, commercial kitchens and federally inspected poultry and meat plants.

Low Temperature Resurface Systems

Rigid-Rock Low Temperature Systems are the single industry leading option resurfacing to allow for wide scale, large area repairs to coolers and freezers without shutting down the cooling units, reducing the down time or need for temporary cooler. Performance similar to Rigid-Rock Heavy Duty Systems make these systems the best for the frequent, tight turning traffic associated with these type areas. Ideal for Grocery Coolers, Arctic Freezers, Spiral Freezers, Brewery and Beverage Storage, Cold Warehouses or Unheated Facilities.

Temperature-Resistant Urethane Cement Resurfacer

A good choice for hot wash down areas, this three component Urethane based system has outstanding wear performance and thermal shock capabilities. Ideal for Food and Chemical Processing, Bakeries, Cook/Chill Areas, Sanitize/Wash Areas, Breweries/Bottling Plants, Meat/Dairy/Fish Processing, Slaughter Houses, Commercial Kitchens and Walk-in Coolers.

Chemical Resistant Resurfacer Systems

Specially formulated from exceptional blends of polymers and Novolac resins to provide the maximum level for chemical resistance available. Formulated to withstand harsh chemicals used in fruit and vegatable production, anodizing lines, pickling lines, plating lines and other aggressive chemical environments. These  finish  coats  provide  unprecedented  performance  for cleanability, wear resistance, chemical resistance and impact resistance. Optional non-skid surfaces can also be applied.

Rigid-Rock RS-41CR Chemical Resistant Epoxy Mortar Resurfacing System






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